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End of life products and timeline.

Model Name Model Number End of Production End of customer support Replacement products
GIGS BOSON GB-1V April/2018 April/2023 TBD
IRON FOREST IF-1D April/2018 April/2023 TBD
RED JASPER RJ-1V April/2018 April/2023 TBD
MS-SOV MS-2V March/2017 March/2022 Not Available
FLIGHT TIME FT-1Y January/2017 January/2022 FT-2Y
ARC-3 Silver ARC-3 September/2018 September/2023 TBD
ARC-3 Black ARC-3 September/2018 September/2023 TBD
EFS-4 Silver ESF-4 September/2018 September/2023 TBD
EFS-4 Black ESF-4 September/2018 September/2023 TBD

*Maintenance (Repair/Replacement of parts/Customer service)
We provide maintenance service for discontinued products for 5 years after the end of production.
Even beyond that period, we will provide customers with service to the extent possible.
However, if we have unexpected difficulty securing spare parts, we may not be able to provide maintenance service for a full 5 years.